Housewife 1 On 1 video – Kendra Lust

Last updated: October 18th 2016
Surprise! We have a new housewife 1 On 1 video for you so get ready to be impressed big time! When the superb brunette Kendra Lust discovers her sleepy hubby still in bed after she comes out of the shower, she determines that he needs to be disciplined because they are meant to be heading out and having fun, not staying inside their hotel room! Lucky for him, her form of discipline requires her big fat butt bouncing off his huge dick as she hard fucks it and just like in expliciteart videos her massive tits flopping in his face while she rides him like a mad one.

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Housewife 1 On 1 – Eva Karera

Housewife 1 On 1 videos will impress you once again with it’s amazing updates! Eva Karera is going to catch her hubby viewing some anal porn this morning, when she was coming out of the bathroom, so she chooses to give him a special treat and eventually let him stick his huge dick into her asshole. Her hubby happens to be waiting for such a long time for this unique moment, so you can imagine how excited he is! This French babe, along with her attractive foreign accent, happily pleads her man to offer her anal sex after she works on his dick with a perfect blowjob.

That’s what I call a wife! take a look at her while she is shoving that huge tool into her mouth, making it wet and slippery, just perfect to be stuffed into her virgin asshole! You’ll see how she will ride after that her husband, with on and on moves, until his warm cum will explode over her firm butt cheeks! Take a look at the entire housewife 1 On 1 pics gallery to see what else is she going to let him do to her and her stretched wet pussy! Check out website and have a great time watching some similar videos and picture galleries.


Housewife1On1 – Before dinner sex

Housewife1On1 is definitely a trend setter and you will agree with my statement as soon as you will watch the next video! This gorgeous blonde bombshell, Kaylee Brookshire, is getting ready to start the dinner for her love, her husband, who is about to arrive at home from work in just a few minutes, when she gets a pinch on her tiny stretched ass! Surprise, it’s him! Her husband came home earlier than expected, in order for him to see his wifey, that makes her feel extra-special. She’s so grateful for her man that she chooses that she’ll give him an excellent serving of her wet warm pussy before she begins on his casserole! naughty-housewife-1-on-1-sex-scene

Take a look at her super special cooking skills! She could win a prize for such a nice creativity. She performed a super amazing blow job, with all of her love and passion, just to make that huge cock of her husband’s to be ready and hard for her tiny holes to be filled with! Take a look and enjoy this housewife 1 On 1 pics and you won’t be disappointed. You’ll see how this stunning blonde will be fucked extremely hard by her favorite cock ever Check out  blog and have fun watching other horny wives fucking!

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Melanie Hicks pleases her husband

Melanie Hicks is getting ready to hit the fucking slopes for the latest housewife 1 On 1 video gallery of photos and videos! This gorgeous brunette woman is having a ski trip with her beloved hubby, and as she’s modeling her ski leggings for him, and just like in cutecouples videos she moseys straight down memory lane with her man, referring to their ski trip they had while attending college, when he bent this babe over and hard fucked her right in the cabin, while all of their friends listened to her screaming of pleasure. housewife-1-on-1-melanie-hicks-sucking-a-cock

She will get so damn wet telling that tale that she chooses that she’s got the required time to blow off his hard cock right before their airline flight to Aspen and let him climb her natural, massive tits, then hard fuck her until he will blast his own white snow stuff all over her and her juggs. Get ready to see this brunette whore housewife1On1 performing one of the most impressive blow jobs ever to her husband! She is really a pro, cause she made him cum sooner than her expected, but that’s not a problem, cause his jizz’s white is like the snow around them!

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Housewife 1 On 1 – Coming home from work

There’s no better way to end up the day with a fresh new housewife 1 On 1 videos update, I am telling you! Rilynn Rae was willing to prepare dinner for her beloved hubbie when he showed up home from work, but he amazed her with super news that they are heading on a romantic dinner, at her preferred Italian restaurant! She’s so glad and pleased to own a real loving life partner, that she chooses right there and then she’ll begin with her initial meal: a huge, fat sausage deep into her mouth!

In this great hardcore scene, Rilynn provides her husband the most juicy blowjob that she’s given this side of the Mississippi, after that rides his massive cock until he will splash her with some sweet white cream for dessert! Don’t worry, cause she’s not on a diet, so she will eat up all of her husband’s sweet jizz that is going down from her lips to her tits. You definitely have to see how she will spread her legs out in order for her pussy to get deeply stuffed by her hubby’s huge hard cock! You will see this kind of housewife 1 On 1 surprise exclusively here!


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Housewife1On1 – Kitchen blowjob

The most nasty things in the world are here, on housewife1On1 video updates! Of course you know, since you are here and you follow all of our posts. For today’s jizz fest update, we have a special surprise for you, but I will let you discover it all! Angelica Lane is pondering of what to arrange for her sweet husband, to get a special breakfast when he sneaks up behind her back and begins to play! She would like to be the best wife in the whole world, she could be and bring up an excellent feast for him, but she is familiar with him very well and is thinking that she may fire up his appetite and urge by providing him something more important to munch on in the kitchen first — her wet and not to mention sweet pussy!

The hot blonde with big blue eyes wife will get down on her knees and blow her husband’s huge dick with such a pleasure and eagerness! After which she will take his big magicstick deep into her slippery pussy for a fast and furious hardcore fucking session. There is absolutely no better method to make a man hungry! It’s a sure thing discovered, on housewife 1 On 1 pics gallery!


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Housewife 1 On 1 – Pleasing my hubby

It’s the perfect time for us to see what else is there on the following housewife 1 On 1 pics gallery, gathered up for you, guys! Romi Rain’s mother at last departed from her and her husband’s residence, after a whole week she was their guest, and now Romi is prepared to have a good time time with the love of her life, her husband, experiencing new things. With the exception that he’s not in the right disposition, being all cranky and knocking away on his laptop. However, you don’t have to worry about a single damn thing, cause Romi has her special tricks: an excellent pair of big boobs and a great blow job mouth area. housewife-1-on-1-romi-rain-licking-and-sucking-a-cock

This superb brunette will go down on her knees and she will mouth pleasuring her husband’s big dick, cause she will shove it deep into her throat, then she will bounce her enormous mams into his face at the same time she will screw him cowgirl type after tittyfucking him with her nasty treasures! Her husband adores her juggs so he will benefit of this special treatment with a lot of joy and happiness! You should see the entire housewife1On1  porn update to see what else happened!

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Rachel Roxxx and Marco Banderas

I really hope you are craving to see our housewife 1 On 1 videos update! It is ready and fully uploaded right here and I am welcoming you to watch it entirely! Rachel Roxx is vacuum cleaning the whole house dressed up in her super sexy daisy duke pants and her tiny bikini while performing some of her favorite tunes on her iPod. Her hubby all of a sudden turns up and unplugs the vacuum cleaner, right in the middle of her nice performance . Uh oh! Her vacuum machine ended functioning! Actually, as a surprise, the vacuum isn’t really broken, it is simply her husband actively playing tricks on her. housewife-1-on-1-rachel-roxxx-and-marco-banderas

He has just arrived at home, horny and all set for some hardcore action! She’s already been waiting for him as well as his super large cock throughout the day! Rachel is getting ready to finish her home duties and shine his cock with her stretched little pussy and clean up that huge load of warm cum off her large firm tits. This kind of mess doesn’t bother her at all, on the contrary, she likes to be splashed with cum every once in a while, on housewife1On1. She even likes to taste that sweet nectar of her hubby like the sluts from website.

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Housewife1On1 – Aiden Starr and Kurt Lockwood


Cause we all know that you are craving to see a new edition of our special housewife1On1 video updates, we are not gonna hesitate any longer. Here it is, the latest super movie, starring Aiden Starr and Kurt Lockwood, who are making one of our most popular couples ever! Aiden, this super gorgeous Czech girl and her hubby had a little fight, when she didn’t wanted to prepare him his special recipe of Wednesday chicken cacciatore like she always does on that particular day. However, this thing took place just because he wasn’t planning to be at home right on time!

Very well, all is understood by now and it’s about the freaking time to kiss and make up by getting some very hot housewife 1 on 1 sex! Aiden’s huge natural juggs moved for the reason that she is getting fucked great and hard by king husband after she performed a superb blowjob, by sucking his massive hard cock! At this moment it really is her turn to eat, cause she is so eager and hungry … her husband’s huge hot load of sweet cum! Let’s see how she opens her mouth ready to receive all of that jizz!

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Housewife 1 On 1 – Sophie Dee

R U ready for a new housewife 1 On 1 videos update? Cause it’s Sophie Dee time! That actually signifies that she is keeping her sweet hubby precisely where she would like him to be, and screws him all day every day. She really wants to feel jizz on her boobs so let’s watch the entire update to see if she receives what she wants. She likes to complain almost all the time, by informing him that he is late for the job, and then tadaaa! — she is throwing away the brief-case and grabs out her ultra large firm tits and informs him they are gonna do nothing else but fuck big time.

The horny housewife1On1 gets her husband’s huge cock ready and hard by making it more slippery with the help of her mouth, then stuffing that hard meat pole deep inside her wet cunt, taking it cow girl, doggy style — each and every way! Blast her with a huge load of warm jizz, then recharge the power for another hardcoreround, since it is Weekend! Have fun watching Sophie riding her husband or taking his huge cock deep into her mouth, letting him cum over her nasty boobs of over her pretty lips! She will let you see her being completely stuffed by that cock, just the way she likes it best!


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